The Impact of Workforce Diversity

The Impact of Workforce Diversity

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Diversity in the workplace can be controversial. It is mostly controversial when it is considered negatively. Thankfully there are many laws to protect the rights of many minorities who are usually discriminated against in the workplace. Interestingly, since companies “have to” hire applicants without discriminating, they found that it is actually beneficial to have diversity in the work environment. There are many advantages to having diversity in age, gender, and disabled employees in the workforce.
Age diversity is healthier and more interesting in the workplace. It becomes a learning experience for both young and old age groups. Many young employees learn from the older groups that have been a part of the company longer. Likewise, many older employees learn about the new, fresh ideas from the younger workers. Both age groups tend to balance each other out. While the younger employees tend to be fun and agile, they usually do not have the discipline or the stamina as the older workers, so it is good to have the older workers in the company to help keep the younger guys on point. Young workers are easier to train; therefore, they retain the company’s goals and standards easily. The age groups are different, so they also have different experiences and insights which make it better for the work environment. There may be times when tempers and attitudes can get out of control, so it is important that good managers work closely with the groups to makes sure there is fairness. Even though there may be conflict between the age groups, it needs to be understood that they are both needed in the company and both contribute to the company in their own ways. (Moore)
In the old days, men were the dominators in the business world. They usually had leadership titles and high paying jobs. On the other hand, the women were expected to be homemakers. There were few women in the workforce, however, their jobs were usually subordinates, in lower level positions, and the pay was minimal. Today, the women are taking over the workforce. There are many companies showing higher levels of gender diversity. Men and women do not share the same approach or ideas, which is beneficial to the company. The differences create a balance with fresh and varied ideas.

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This is valuable because there is no one way to solve a problem or run a business. There are situations when a woman’s view is more needed than a man’s view, and vice versa. Overall, it is important to look at the individual’s qualities rather than their gender or stereotype. (Goessl)
There are many companies reluctant to hire disabled people. There is a fear that they will not perform well, along with other fears. The important thing about the disabled is that in most cases, it is not their fault. In actuality, there are many different kinds of disabled people and most likely, it is not even noticeable. Most do not realize that the disabled are among the most talented. The only way to find out is to give them a chance. Disabled people are the most enthusiastic and highly self-motivated. They do things differently than others. Think about it, they have to struggle and fight harder to be “normal” than the average person. If anything, that makes them stronger than a “normal” person. A company may develop empathy when they hire disabled people. Most people do not enjoy seeing others struggle, so colleagues tend to give a helping hand. There is also a self-fulfillment when companies hire disabled. They get a sense of feeling good when helping another in distraught continue their goal to be successful in their career. It also improves the quality of the company because when they cater to their disabled employees, they are also attracting positive appreciation from the outside, therefore, leading to more customers. All companies are always in need of great talents, and disabled people tend to be more a part of the talented pool. (Baladad)
There was a study that shows how diversity impacts a company’s success. Sociologist Cendric Henning, of the University of Illinois conducted this study. His data contained information about diversity levels and business performance. His study included participation of about 250 companies with companies ranging from ten employees to thousands of employees. He found that regardless of the size of the company, there were same relations between the diversity and the business success. First, he found that supporters of diversity believe that workers from different backgrounds are more responsive to customers. “Racial diversity is a marker for diverse ideas, attitudes, and experiences and that having a range of perspectives can alert a company to threats and possibilities” (Henning, The work environment changes from “I am right” to “what is right” when diverse ideas are shared. Furthermore, diversity connects with “listening”, one of the Seven Habits of Effective People by Stephen Covey, “To be understood, we first understand” (Covey, Lastly, Henning found that when diverse groups combine, the whole group thinks in different ways. Diversity minimizes “group think” which usually happens when similar people think similarly which defies the reason for a group. Companies are usually successful because of their competitive advantage, “refusal to change in a competitive market is not competitive” (Henning, He found that minorities stimulate new thinking patterns, which is something most companies need. (Wardy)
Diversity may have been taboo before, but now that companies are realizing the advantages that they can achieve. Diversity is becoming more common than necessary. It is beneficial in many ways. Everyone is unique and different in special ways and have great qualifications to contribute to a company. Diversity is something that differs a person; however, it is also important in how we are most similar. Everyone wants to be happy, have a good job, and be accepted (Goessl).

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