The Impact Of Volkswagen On Cultural And Educational Exchanges Between China And Germany

The Impact Of Volkswagen On Cultural And Educational Exchanges Between China And Germany

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6. The Impact of Volkswagen on Cultural and Educational Exchanges between China and Germany
Chinese Ambassador to Germany Mr. Shi Mingde once indicates that educational and cultural exchanges between China and German have become one of the most important parts in the bilateral relations. They are the social and cultural foundation for promoting the sustainable development for bilateral relations and also the most efficiency way to enhance the mutual understanding between Germany and Chinese (Hein, 2012). During the China-EU Cultural Forum, China’s Premier Wen Jiabao also pointed out the importance of cultural exchange, he said: ‘Culture is the bridge between human’s mind and emotions. It is a tie to deepen the understanding and trust between states…… Cultural exchange is more sustained than political exchange, and more profound than economic exchange.’ (Xinhua Daily Telegraph, 2010).
6.1 Integrate German Culture into VW’s Two Joint Venture Cities in China:
Shanghai-VW is not only the first automotive joint venture in China after the reform and opening up, but also the first Sino-German joint venture in Shanghai. It has played a crucial role in fostering the Sino-German relation in many aspects, and become a window for the bilateral cultural exchange. Two years after the establishment of Shanghai-VW, in 1986 Shanghai and Hamburg becomes sister cities. Over the years, Hamburger has become the internal staff travel destiny for Shanghai-VW. Top managers of Shanghai-VW visit hamburger frequently to experience German culture while brings Chinese culture abroad (Interviewee Mr. Frank). In addition, in 2014, ‘German Culture Week’ in was held Shanghai and Shanghai-VW was its exclusive sponsor. During this culture week, many German a...

... middle of paper ... actively fulfilling its social responsibility. Through its working relation with FAW and SAIC, it has closely tied the China with Germany. It not only promotes Sino-German cultural exchange, but also supports China’s education sector, sustainable development, environmental protection, social welfare and etc. Apparently, it seems like Volkswagen is cultivating talents and helping the development of a foreign country. Nevertheless, these activates conducted by Volkswagen in China could have a profound impact in Sino-German relation. Through these activities, Volkswagen connected the Chinese and German together. It brings western cultures and ideas to China and also contributes to the mutual understanding of the two nations. In this way, it could not only build a positive brand image in China but also helps to promote the cultural exchange between China and Germany.

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