The Impact Of Travel On American Life Essay

The Impact Of Travel On American Life Essay

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Throughout history, traveling both domestically and internationally has been a major aspect of American life. Whether traveling for work, vacation, or even just leisure, Americans have always been on the move. Although, from Arthur C. Brooks article, “How to Get Americans Moving Again,” it is evident that times are changing. In “How to Get Americans Moving Again,” Brooks portrays an America that has had an immense percentage decrease in the amount of Americans that domestically move between states. This decrease is due to a traveling environment that has left a vast amount of fear and uncertainty in the hearts of travelers, which has caused them to stay home. Considering the current circumstances that Americans are traveling in, which includes factors such as steep fair prices, terror threats, political turmoil, and an unpredictable and unstable economy, it is understandable that the amount of Americans moving is declining. Granted, looking at the bigger picture, travel is a vital part of Americans lives, and no matter how dangerous, expensive, or risky people make it seem, Americans must get moving again. Travel not only “helps people gain perspective on life” (Markman), but it is what makes people more culturally competent, experienced, and what makes Americans, Americans!

In the early 17th century a large population of the United States was fed up with the inner city living conditions. “Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust is disgusting and the morals are deplorable,” Horace Greeley, the founder and editor of the New-York Tribune, proclaimed (Brooks). In the midst of the American Frontier during the seventeen hundreds, Americans were flooded with the notion that traveling west ...

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...makes them so different and great!

The decrease in the amount of people moving between state lines is becoming more and more evident each year in America. As this problem continues to linger, it is imperative that Americans take action and find a solution. This courage to travel is what has shaped Americans into who they are, and is a major reason why they play such influential role in the world today. Understanding how other people live, whether it is in different countries, regions, states, or even towns, is a key facet of being a well-rounded individual, and As Brooks said, “Mobility is more than just a metaphor for getting ahead, in America, it has been a solution to economic and social barriers” (Brooks). It is time for the American people to leave their comfort zones, and experience what the rest of the world has to offer; there is nothing to be scared of!

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