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The Impact of Tort Law Essay example

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Tort law is a very prevalent aspect of conducting business and daily life in the twenty first century. According to the textbook, The Legal Environment of Business, tort law provides “remedies for the invasion of various protected interests.” (Cross & Miller, 2012) In this essay about tort law, I will talk about a tort case that has personally impacted me. To do so, I will provide a background of the event, apply facts of the case to applicable law, summarize lessons of the week as they relate to this case and provide a plausible argument for the parties involved.
In the month of October 2011, two of my friends were exiting Fort Carson, Colorado and waited at a red light. The light turned to a green arrow and they proceeded into the intersection. The driver did not see a large dump truck travelling approximately 50 miles per hour toward them until it was too late. The dump truck failed to adhere to a red light and struck my friend’s truck. The truck spun around several times and stopped in a median. Paramedics on scene took both passengers of the vehicle to a local hospital for treatment for possible rib fractures, concussion and disorientation. The driver’s head struck the side window causing a cut. There were several witnesses to this event and three of them made statements to the military police.
Both passengers of the vehicle have currently filed suit against the company for compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are intended to provide relief to the affected individuals. The driver of the vehicle has suffered a back injury which prohibits him from participating in military training. This has directly resulted in his inability to deploy so he can sue the company for the money that he would have received had he deploye...

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...also be scrutinized for fraudulent misrepresentation if it is found that he lied on his official statement.
In this essay about tort law, I talked about a tort case that has personally impacted me. To do this, I provided a background of the event, applied facts of the case to applicable law, summarized lessons of the week as they related to this case and provided a plausible argument for the parties involved. This is a prime example of breach of a tort law and the case is currently in the process of litigation. It is likely that the parties involved will reach an agreement out of court but may in fact be brought to trial.

Cross, F. B., & Miller, R. L. (2012). The Legal Environment of Business - Text and Cases. In F. B. Cross, & R. L. Miller, The Legal Environment of Business - Text and Cases (pp. 57-63). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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