Essay on The Impact Of Three Strikes Laws On The Criminal Justice System

Essay on The Impact Of Three Strikes Laws On The Criminal Justice System

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Three strikes laws have been predominantly used in the state of California since 1994. Three strikes laws are set forth for a “tough on crime” approach to attempt to reduce crime rates by methods of deterrence and incapacitation. Several states have followed suit on implementing this type of policy. However, research on three strikes laws have not had a consensus on the actual effects on crime rates within a city, county, or state level. For this reason, the importance of knowing the actual results of implementing this policy are of utmost importance for the proper management of funding in our criminal justice system. Due to the limited resources that states have are very real, we should focus on funding programs that result in lower prison costs as well as reduce reoffending rates. As newer research methods are developed and refined, continual studies on three strikes laws could expand on previous research designs to better inform policy makers on future decisions.
Three strikes laws are placed by states primarily for the role of incapacitation and deterrence. The idea of having this kind of policy in effect is to keep re-offending criminals behind bars. The other purpose is to show would-be offenders the severity of punishment for constantly breaking the law. Unfortunately, research had been very limited to the actual effects of three strikes laws and just recently have become prevalent. Issues regarding three strikes effectiveness have been constantly questioned and the costs to maintain individuals incarcerated for a prolonged amount of time could be deemed unnecessary. Other issues on three strikes laws revolved around the constitutionality of having them in place due to their disproportional sentencing for r...

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...rates were found to be positively correlated with the introduction of three strike laws in the cities measured. The authors concluded that the use of three strike laws should be reevaluated due to their failure to affect crime rates.

Stolzenberg, L., & D 'alessio, S. (1997). "Three strikes and you 're out": The impact of California 's new mandatory sentencing law on serious crime rates. Crime & Delinquency, 43(4), 457-469. doi:10.1177/0011128797043004004
Stolzenberg and D’Allesio’s study focused on three strikes laws in California and their effects on serious crime rate and petty crime rate. The authors examined the primary purpose of three strikes laws, a policy emphasizing severity of punishment through fixed sentencing, and its effectiveness of crime rates in California cities. An interrupted time-series design with non-equivalent dependent variables was used to

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