Essay about The Impact Of The Us Regulations On Food Labeling Of Gmos

Essay about The Impact Of The Us Regulations On Food Labeling Of Gmos

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The Impact of the US Regulations on Food Labeling of GMOs
Introduction and Background
The purpose of this paper is to show the impact of the US not requiring label descriptions of GMOs on food labels. GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are plant or animals used for food that have had their DNA sequences altered with genes from other plants, animals, bacteria, or viruses. The safety of GMO products for human consumption is currently an ongoing debate amongst scientists, researchers, farmers, law-makers, dieticians, doctors, consumers, and food manufacturers. In the United States, food manufacturers are not currently required to designate GMO use on food labels. If the US passes federal legislation that requires the labeling of GMO products, it will be up to the FDA to enforce the new laws in regards to the food labels (Hemphill & Banerjee, 2014-2015). Currently in the United States, there are two opposing sides in regards to the regulation of GMO products being listed on food labels. The pro-label group and those in opposition of GMO Labeling requirements.
The mandatory listing of GMOs on food labels has the potential to affect consumers, food manufacturers, and people in the health services field, such as dieticians, nutritionists, and doctors. As GMO farming and advances to GMO agriculture practices become more popular with increased intensity, the issue of safety and public knowledge of GMOs becomes a more controversial issue every year. It is only a matter of time before the federal government will be forced to reexamine the current protocol for food manufacturing regarding the use of GMOs. The dispute surrounding the significance of labeling of GMOs on food products is bringing the subject of GMOs into ...

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...o food labels is cause for great financial concern. A GMO designation is likely to affect the popularity of some products and manufacturers may be forced to offer alternative options that do not contain GMOs. A manufacturer that would have to resort to offering two options would have to completely change the way the product is produced, meaning GMO containing ingredients would have to be segregated (Brookes & Miller, 2015). Cost of the materials used to manufacture the product would likely increase and that cost would have to be passed on to the consumer. It is estimated that the cost per consumer could be anywhere from $0.32 to $15.01 for a given year (Brookes & Miller, 2015). As mentioned earlier, socio-economic reasons are often the deciding factor when a consumer choices to buy a particular product, and this may result in some hardships for some consumers.

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