The Impact Of The Tupolev Tu 2 Bomber And The Petlyakov Dive Bomber Essay

The Impact Of The Tupolev Tu 2 Bomber And The Petlyakov Dive Bomber Essay

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Forced to work on military projects, Korolev helped Tupolev develop the Tupolev Tu-2 bomber and the Petlyakov dive-bomber. 11) In 1944 Korolev was put in charge of his own team, and was given a crew of 60 engineers, and three days to come up with a draft project for a missile design equivalent to the Nazi’s V-2 missile. 9) 10) Although he could not fully match it, he did manage to come up with a design with one quarter the range of the V-2, 75km. 9) It was a two stage design that used lox/alcohol propellants, and was later refined into the D-1 and D-2 rockets. 10) Along with fellow engineers, Tupolev, and Glushko, Korolev was released from prison that year, however his charges were not fully dropped until 1957, and he continued his work on rocket engines at the bureau for another year. 11)
In 1945, after the defeat of Nazi Germany, Korolev was sent to Germany with a group of scientists, to evaluate and salvage the remnants of German rocket research, specifically the V-2 missile that had an amazing range of 300km, and was a decade ahead of the Soviets design. 10) 11) Korolev found himself in the same place Von Braun had been mere months earlier. 1) In 1946, while still in Germany, Korolev was made chief engineer, and put in charge of the of Russia’s newly built Scientific Research Center known as Nll-88, where he was responsible for designing the soviet equivalent to the V-2 missile. He interviewed many of the V-2 engineers and technicians who had stayed in Germany, and by 1947, with the help of German engineers he had successfully recreated a version of the V-2, called the R-1. 10) 8) From there Korolev gradually improved on the design, however he had a limited budget, and as he had not yet proved himself as the master of rocke...

... middle of paper ... achieved his life long goal of landing a man on the moon, as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first living beings to set foot on the moon. The US had won the space race. Von Braun went on to work with NASA for many more years, helping other Apollo missions, and giving speeches at colleges and universities. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1973 and died 4 years later. The US and Soviet space programs were eventually brought together in the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project and following this an international space stations was created. 1) 14)
Wernher Von Braun and Sergei Korolev had very similar backgrounds, both having a great passion from a young age that led them into rocketry, and both following their dreams through life threatening situations. If either one of them had died before the end of WW2, chances are we would not have put a man on the moon.

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