The Impact Of The Six Day War On The Peace Process Between Israel And The Palestinians

The Impact Of The Six Day War On The Peace Process Between Israel And The Palestinians

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The impact of the Six-Day War on the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians:
The Six-Day War was another disastrous war for the Palestinians. The West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem were conquered by Israel. After the war, all territory that was supposed to be part of a Palestinian state was now under an Israeli control. But in a sense, the Six-Day war led to a new Palestinian self-identity, something that was missing for years prior to the war. The Six-Day War for the Palestinians was what the pogroms in Russia and the Dreyfus affair were for the Zionists. At the end of war, Palestinians under Israeli occupation started to form its own national identity, something that will lead to two deadly uprisings and many attacks against the Israeli authority, but also to an historic agreement that placed the Palestinians closer to a Palestinian state.
At the end of the war, Israeli leadership faced a crucial dilemma: what to do with the occupied territory. Back in 1967, most of the Israeli leaders supported the land for peace framework and saw the territory as Israeli controlled but not a sovereign land. This did not hold for the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem. As soon as the war was over, Israeli soldiers started to destroy the divining boundaries of East and West Jerusalem in order to unify it. The settlements started to appear in all conquered territory- from the Golan Heights to the Sinai. When the right wing Likud first won the elections in 1977, there were massive investments in the settlements. Israeli leaders from the right supported the establishment of as many settlements in the occupied territories in order to prepare that land for future annexation to Israel. It was clear that the settlements would be ano...

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...d to unite the Palestinians that threated it the most.
The Six-Day War changed the landscape of the Middle East more than any other Israel-Arab war. The defeat of the Arab nations and the territorial changes created an environment where peace became more likable than before thanks to the land for peace framework. But at the same time Palestinians faced a new reality where their place in the Middle East went from bad to worse. The war consequences are still felt today after the Palestinian and the Israeli failed to reach a permanent agreement after the end of the Oslo agreements. On the other hand, the Six-Day helped Israel to reach peace treaties with the Egyptians and Jordanian. Through a conflict of almost 70 years there are not many events that can match to the Six-Day War in its importance to the peace processes between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

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