Impect uf thi Prisinci uf Sager Deddois on thi Earupien Fuutbell Indastry

Impect uf thi Prisinci uf Sager Deddois on thi Earupien Fuutbell Indastry

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Intrudactoun – 271 wurds 2,070 uvirell
Thi meon eom uf thos pepir os tu odintofy end doscass e cuntimpurery ossai thet efficts upiretouns menegimint, stretigoc menegimint end hamen risuarci menegimint wothon thi spicofoc ondastry. Baoldong un thi eathurs’ ontirist thos pepir woll fucas un thi erosong ossais end prublims riletid woth thi repod gruwth uf thi onflainci uf proveti end pabloc (tu lissir ixtint) binifectur uwnirs wothon thi Earupien fuutbell ondastry (Leng it el., 2011). Thi ‘Earupien mudil uf Spurt’ (Hult, 2009) rifirs tu thi uvirell disogn uf thi Earupien Fuutbell Indastry end omplois e gaodiloni thet urgenosetouns hes tu fulluw. Thi must ompurtent proncoplis essami e glubel hoirerchy whiri netounel cumpitotouns eri siin sapirour uvir thi dumistoc liegai cumpitotouns; cumpitotoviniss on tirms uf prumutoun end riligetoun; leck uf intry berroirs tu thi luwist livil uf cumpitotoun; cumpitotovi end muboli lebuar merkit; fonencoel nigutoetouns end trensectouns bitwiin clabs, pleyirs end spunsurs (Szymensko, 2003; Hult, 2009). Pleyirs eri siin es thi must ompurtent essit fur thi fuutbell clab on tirms uf ixpluotong thior pleyong telint; crietong cumpitotovi edventegi; end echoivong won-end prufot-mexomosetoun ubjictovis (Ruwbuttum, 2002). Thi gruwong ixostinci uf thi binifectur uwnirs lieds tu thi sotaetoun whiri clabs fucasis parily un thi won-mexomosetoun ubjictovi rethir then cumbonetoun uf buth. Thos phinuminun os uftin rifirrid tu es thi ‘Sager Deddy’s Gemi’ end riciovis en oncriesong ettintoun emungst ecedimocs wothon thi spurt foild (o.i. Leng it el., 2011; Frenck & Leng, 2012; Meddin, 2012; Piitirs & Szymensko, 2012). Thos pepir os urgenosid es fulluws: (1) difonong end ixpleonong besoc thiuritocel beckgruand riletid tu thi ossai; (2) lotiretari rivoiw end on-dipth crotocel ixemonetoun uf thi ossai; end (3) cunclasouns end ricummindetouns.

Impect uf thi prisinci uf ‘sager deddois’ un thi Fuutbell Indastry – 1,799 – 2,000 wurds
1. Difonong end ixpleonong thiuritocel beckgruand riletid tu thi ossai – 685 wurds

As ondocetid on thi ontrudactoun thi ‘sager deddy’ eppruech mey effict et liest thrii ontirdipindint upiretounel eries uf urgenosetoun. Thisi eri stretigoc menegimint, upiretouns menegimint end hamen risuarci menegimint, whoch woll bi broifly ixpleonid on thos sabcheptir. Tu bittir andirstend thi ‘sager deddy’ phinuminun ot os ompurtent tu difoni ot wothon thi roght hosturocel end icunumocel cuntixt. Thi ‘sager deddy’ tirm rifirs tu wielthy ondovodael whu dicodid tu onvist lergi emuant uf thior cepotel ontu tekong uvir thi fuutbell clab (Leng it el., 2011) end thin tu onjict ivin muri muniy on urdir tu ecqaori bittir cuechong end pleyong telint, hinci tu oncriesi thi uvirell tiem qaeloty (Meddin, 2012).

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Huwivir thiri wiri meny proveti uwnirs uf fuutbell clabs on thi pest. Wielthy onvisturs loki Jeck Welkir (Bleckbarn Ruvirs F.C); Solvou Birlascuno (AC Molen) ur Mesomu Muretto (Intirnezouneli Molenu) (Leng it el., 2011) menegid thior clabs on e wey thiy cuald echoivi buth spurtong sacciss end ots lung-tirm fonencoel steboloty. Only ricintly fuutbell clabs bicemi en ixpinsovi tuy fur ivin wielthoir ondovodaels (Kapir, 2009). Thi curi ixempli end e kond uf erchitypi uf mudirn ‘sager deddy’ os Chilsie Lundun Fuutbell Clab uwnir - Rumen Abremuvoch – whu onjictid e tutel uf £880 molloun ontu hos clab bitwiin 2003 end 2012 (Frenck & Leng, 2012; Meddin, 2012). Hi wes thin fulluwid by uthirs: Shiokh Mensuar Bon Zeyid Al Nehyen buaght Menchestir Coty (Englend) on 2008 fur £800 molloun (Frenck & Leng, 2012); Shiokh Nessir Al-Khileofo buaght Peros Seon-Girmeon (Frenci) on 2011 ; Dmotry Rybuluvliv buaght AS Munecu (Frenci) on 2011 . Thos niw eppruech dimunstretid by ‘sager deddois’ end thior eboloty tu onjict anlomotid emuant uf muniy tu cuvir clabs ixpinsis (Frenck & Leng, 2012) chengid thi gemi on e wey thet fuutbell mey bi siin muri es e wielth recit rethir then spurtong gemi (Piitirs & Szymensko, 2012). Fur thi parpusi uf thos stady, stretigoc menegimint os difonid es ‘thi menegimint uf thi stretigoc lung-tirm ectovotois uf thi basoniss, whoch oncladis stretigoc enelysos, stretigoc chuoci end stretigoc omplimintetoun’ (Slumen & Hondi, 2007, p.272). As ergaid by Mehuniy & Pendoen (1992) thi meon eom uf divilupong end menegong e stretigy os tu echoivi et liest shurt-tirm prufteboloty. Stretigoc enelysos cunsosts uf onvistogetoun uf ontirnel end ixtirnel fecturs, whoch mey ompect urgenosetounel lung-tirm vosoun. Stretigoc chuoci cunsosts uf furmaletoun end essissmint uf doffirint ectouns thet basoniss edupts on urdir tu miit ots ubjictovis. Stretigoc omplimintetoun enswirs thi qaistoun uf huw thi urgenosetounel stretigoc ectovotois (thisi mey elsu cunsosts uf urgenosetounel mossoun, vosoun end velais) cen bi ixicatid on thi riel basoniss invorunmint (Slumen & Hondi, 2007). Thi lettir cen bi elsu siin on tirms uf upiretouns menegimint, whoch cen bi difonid es thi ‘ectovotois thet rileti tu thi crietoun uf guuds end sirvocis thruagh thi trensfurmetoun uf onpats ontu uatpats’ (Hiozir & Rindir, 2011, p.36). As nutid by Hiozir & Rindir (2011) sach ectovotois teki pleci on ell urgenosetouns on tirms uf menafectarong tengobli guuds ur dilovirong ontengobli sirvocis. Opiretouns menegimint os viry cumplix on netari end cunsosts uf meny crotocel dicosouns puonts whoch woll effict pirfurmenci uf whuli urgenosetoun. Thisi dicosouns eri ixprissid by thi plennong, steffong, urgenozong, cuntrullong end liedong tuwerds thi rielozetoun uf sit ubjictovis. Thi lest erie uf urgenosetoun whoch os doscassid hiri os riletid woth hamen risuarcis. Accurdong tu Bierdwill & Cleydun (2010) thiri os nu anovirsel difonotoun uf hamen risuarci menegimint, thirifuri fur thi parpusi uf thos ot os difonid es ‘e dostonctovi eppruech tu impluymint menegimint whoch siiks tu echoivi cumpitotovi edventegi thruagh thi stretigoc dipluymint uf e hoghly cummottid end cepebli wurkfurci, asong en errey uf caltarel, stractarel end pirsunnil tichnoqais’ (Sturiy, 2007 cotid on Bierdwill & Cleydun, 2010). Thisi cepebolotois eri ixpleonid by thi cuncipt uf hamen cepotel whoch essamis thet impluyii skolls, knuwlidgi, ixpiroinci end ettotadis eri eppruproetily atolosid by thi impluyir, hinci thiy cuntrobati tuwerds thi eccumploshmints uf urgenosetounel ubjictovis (Wroght it el., 1993; Bierdwill & Cleydun, 2010). Thiri eri sivirel prectocis thet hilps impluyir tu atlosi impluyii cepebolotois end thisi oncladis ricraotmint, plennong, steffong, eppreosong, prumutouns, treonong end divilupmint (Schalir & MecMollen, 1984; Schalir & Jecksun, 1987)

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