The Impact of the Internet on the People of Tomorrow Essay

The Impact of the Internet on the People of Tomorrow Essay

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The People of Tomorrow
Technology is progressing very rapidly, and is hurting today’s society. People are abusing the uses of technology. The Internet, which first begun in the mid-1970s, has made huge impact on our generation today. It has its benefits such as brain cell research and the cure for Cancer. People are abusing its uses. Online shopping, playing games, and social media are just some of the ways people abuse technology. Although technology has done great things for society such as medical research, it also gives society a way to isolate themselves by having access to virtually anything, with the touch of a mouse.
I’ve realized that I have become overly dependent on my IPhone. I use it to wake me up in the mornings. I use it to check all my email accounts. I also use it to check the weather and remind me of events that are coming up. It wasn’t until one day when my phone died during the night that I realized how dependent I was. It felt like my entire days was ruined because a phone died. I was late for my biological science class that had been cancelled due to the weather. It felt weird how a simple piece of technology can make an impact on your life. I didn’t know that the class was cancelled because my phone was dead. The teacher sent out an email stating she wouldn’t make it to class. That’s when I realized that I’m dependent on technology. I counted on my phone waking me up in the morning, and letting me know what the weather that day. I didn’t know that it was suppose to snow that day, and I wasn’t dressed properly for the weather.
Have you ever asked yourself, “How many time did I check Instagram today?” or “How many hours have I wasted on my phone today?” I’ve noticed on average I spend about 3-4 hours a day...

... middle of paper ...

...hack into computers. In the United States it is considered illegal to hack. It violates the right to privacy act. It is considered a felony and jail time can be served. People can hack into anything that uses Internet such as Facebook, credit card statements, live cameras, and cellphones. That’s the biggest downfall of technology is hacking. Most people keep their lives saved to their phones. Whether its credit information, social security information, and even pictures.
In conclusion, technology may be beneficial but can also be very harmful. It is on the up-rise and will continue to expand in the future. The best way is to monitor your activity on computers and smart phones. Always remember don’t take the easy way and Google, but to actually read about your topic. Also to stay active so you wont develop high problems, and never isolate yourself from society.

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