Impact Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

Impact Of The Fast Food Industry Essay

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Impact of the Fast Food Industry
The main concern people have today while living in America’s society, is that almost everyone has eaten fast food due to the inexpensive and succulent foods being sold. Whether it is down the road from someone’s house or inside every mall, there is a fast food restaurant waiting to sell people greasy but delicious foods. Granted most of these fast food restaurants show people their caloric intake, they do not tell them that type-2 diabetes occurs because of the fats, sugars, and salts they are consuming. Since most fast food industries have reasonably priced foods, people tend to buy more of their products, which then lead to developing type-2 diabetes.
Is eating all of this fast food dangerous? Type-2 diabetes occurs when a person’s body refuses to take in insulin. Many sources also say that this chronic disease can be passed through genetics, weight gaining, and laziness. In addition to these three factors, diabetes could be deadly if not treated correctly. Although this disease has not found a cure yet, there are ways to manage the condition; such as healthier eating, exorcising, even trying to maintain a healthy weight. The main thing is to maintain the sugar levels in a person’s body, but this all starts with the person. They can choose to live healthier or they can choose to continue with the way they live their lives. Some cases, children are born with this disease but they can still fight it. Although they do have a choice, money plays a major role in some cases.
Lately people are saying that you have a choice when it comes to eating healthier, however most sources say that it’s no coincidence that our food system leans towards the bad calories than the good calories. On top...

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...r food system (Food, Inc.). Another solution is to minimize the amount of bad calories that fast food restaurants have and put in more healthier options; not just salads. Even though eating healthy seems to be expensive, there are alternate ways to living healthier and eating better. One solution is to create a garden with the fruits or vegetables that you like. This way you don’t have to spend as much money at the grocery store for healthier foods. Another solution is exorcising and drinking water. Altogether, I feel that there are many decisions to make when minimizing or eliminating these types of diseases. Communities can come together to help those less fortunate than others by creating community gardens, free for everyone. There are so many ways to for healthier living habits but somewhere it all starts with yourself and the decisions you choose to make.

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