Impact Of The Eu On The European Economy Essay

Impact Of The Eu On The European Economy Essay

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Through increased political integration, economic policy, democratic structures and the execution of treaties the EU has achieved the majority of its aims. Treaties have successfully brought cooperation between member states and countries that would normally have a hard time doing so. With strong economic and monetary policies in place it has allowed many developing countries to thrive and build an economy with a much higher standard of living on becoming a member. Democratic structures have brought diversity and equality within countries where it was once largely absent. Once entry into the EU is gained by a country there are many advantages, effects such as development of a countries political solidarity and being able to move freely in the single European market. On joining the EU poorer countries such as Portugal Ireland and Spain have significantly improved economically, and over 6 billion has been invested into less wealthy places, into education and infrastructure. Immigration, is far from the “they are taking our jobs” concept and mentality that is so freely spoken about today, in fact immigration has done nothing but boost economies all over the world. Immigration makes huge contributions to tax revenues and improves productive capacity constantly. There are many advantages to joining the EU Free movement labour creates new jobs for example the UK and Ireland have had an extreme shortage within the labour market and nursing areas which has benefitted eastern Europe workers. . Also On becoming a member of the EU each country is obligated to implement the human rights legislation, and even just the prospect of gaining membership encourages states to do so. The legislation has led to the modernization of many countries wher...

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... this means that the EU must continue to prove its role as a world power in the international arena on a par with others which requires a strong will of the member states to speak with one voice that speaks for the European community. The main tests and prospects in EU relations with the US in 2015-2016 are rebuilding the trust between Europe and America, strengthening the partnership through dialogue and new projects such as the transatlantic trade and investment partnership, and remembering the common values, goals and collective liability.
Conclusively as one of the most prominent intergovernmental organizations in the world today the European Union has succeeded In integrating Europe and expresses a very communitarian feel within the EU really backing the “ united in diversity “ motto and showing that a united Europe will be more beneficial than a separated one.

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