Impact Of The Agents On Food Production Based On The Data Measured By Using Remote Sensing System

Impact Of The Agents On Food Production Based On The Data Measured By Using Remote Sensing System

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Water is a key to organizing all creature’s life and is important in many land surface disciplines such as agriculture, hydrology and environmental science [1]. Especially, soil moisture is vital of importance to plant in order to maintain its life processes biologically. Water constitutes 80 to 90 % of the fresh weight of most herbaceous plant parts and more than 50 % of the fresh weight of woody plants. Water is important a part of the protoplasm as the protein and lipid molecules that constitute the protoplasmic framework. Moreover, in farming practices, water transports the essential nutrients which are supplemental components in order for obtaining the sufficient final yield such as N, P, K, Ca, Zn and many others adsorbed from the soil into plants [2].
Understanding the amount of both loss and used water becomes crucial because of the use of sufficient water in farming activities has the ability to support crops in order to gain elementary nutrients from soil and to complete crop growing season successfully [3]. The total amount of used and loss water is directly related to the final yield which is the main target to maximize for farmers. Also, increasing population in the world and decreasing the water source respectively make the use of water more sensitive. To identify the total amount of water in soil, there are many agents that are tied each other. While soil structure and texture affects the amount of leaching in soil, weather cause to vapor water from soil to air. Transpiration (T) is the loss of water vapor from plant surface. Together with the loss of water via evaporation (E) from surrounding soil surfaces, the to...

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...l moisture variation [10]. Peng et al. work adds on this research that especially root zone soil moisture is important for crops to maintain its biological activities such as photosynthesis, uptake nutrients from soil, and growing well during the season which are necessary to take sufficient final yield [11].
This project goal is to continue adding more knowledge on other research done in this field before and to demonstrate the use of remote sensing system technology combined with related ancillary data collection within a farm to make a precise assumption for the field condition while keeping expenses and applications low (such as irrigation system expenses, fertilization expenses, etc.), and to measure the amount of leaching elements (caused by watering) by taking soil samples from different depths within the soil to assume pedogenesis and soil forming processes.

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