The Impact Of Television On Sports On Television Essays

The Impact Of Television On Sports On Television Essays

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A codependent relationship works best when both sides work together to be successful. From 1915 to 2000 sport broadcasting crushed television ratings. Four hundred million viewers joined around their television sets to see the latest news every evening. Spectators began watching their televisions for hours longer than prior ratings quoted. Increased profits came from several different departments, but what really brought in revenue were the advertisements. Advertisers gave players the opportunity for promotion contracts. Also, due to the increased ratings, television networks received more profit for airing the commercials. Alongside these advances, new demographics were targeted and reached, which strongly contributed to sport dominating the television medium during this time. Ergo the coalition of sport and television became a codependent relationship. The television and sport industries are part of a highly dependent relationship, by advertising, advancing broadcast technology, expanding coverage of live major sporting events, and increasing profits across departments, their merger came with mutual success through growth and expansion.
Technology improvements and inventions allowed sport networks to expand coverage, broadcasting live major events globally. Inventions such as the “slow-motion machine” caught the eyes of viewers. The development created an aesthetically pleasing slowed motion replay system. Once a play ended the network would use the replay machine to evaluate the call on the field or the broadcaster would comment on the current action in detail. Game plays are quite fast and with the feature of replay, Play-by-Play announcers were able to break down the play and catch errors that would have not been seen in real...

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... increased revenue across markets. The technological enhancements and the aesthetically advanced additions to sport broadcast boosted interest in events. Expanded coverage to occasional live major events gave the sports and the games a national level of recognition. The attractiveness of sport on television networks provided extreme financial gains with the revenue from advertisements and sponsorships. Live sporting events provide exciting content for the viewing experience, leading to why sport played such a significant part in the growth of television. Quality broadcast performances enhanced the viewing experiences of the fan through the television medium. Bringing major sporting events worldwide, conveyed major income for both television and sport, and also started the bases of global fans. Television and sport are highly dependent on the success of one another.

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