Essay about The Impact Of Technology On The Platform Of Education

Essay about The Impact Of Technology On The Platform Of Education

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What is it that helps people become smart and successful in their future? Education might be the first thing to mention. Every day around the world, each individual that attends school to learn and build more knowledge for themselves. Education is the long-term study; thus it brings and gives the opportunity to everyone in the world to change their life in a positive way. However, since after the terrorist attacked in New York in 2001, technology has been developing rapidly throughout the United States and to the world. Technology also influenced to the new platform of education in all states. Besides that, Toby Litt, "The Reader and Technology" and Diane Ravitch, "Promise and Peril" both agree with similar arguments about using technology in education affects of the platform of education and students; however, they also demonstrate the specific differences by showing the bad results of each individual: whereas Litt 's article focuses on the effect of technology in the future of readers and novels, Ravitch 's article focuses on the effect of technology to the platform of education. Thus, these texts taken together complicate the idea of technology and its contemporary uses.
Technology is threatening to the future of students who have trouble reading and writing proper sentences. The school is such as a new home, new institution community for students to engage with through their life. Compared to Litt and Ravitch, they both have some similarities; however, the main thing they point out is technology’s affect on people, especially students as losing the ability to write a perfect sentences and understand the idea of authors. For example, when Litt discusses using technology in education, Litt argues "Scanning text approach will hav...

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...cation in a different way. Nowadays, by the formation and development of technology that have affected greatly to publish the novel system. Technology have affected to the future of students and threatened the existence of novels by the situation around the world. In the present life, students are becoming unconcern and careless about school works; thus by those reason, the future of each individual are shaken by the lacking attentions from ministry of education. It can adversely affect a younger generation; the generation to development factors of the country. Finally, bring technology into schools will make students lose the ability to concentrate distracted by many pleasures and entertainment technology. Thus, please join hands and efforts to rebuild a new generation, a new platform for education; so it can bring much hope and condition for our children in future.

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