The Impact Of Technology On The Nature Of Warfare Essay

The Impact Of Technology On The Nature Of Warfare Essay

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Over the period of 1845-1991 the nature of warfare undoubtedly evolved due to many aspects and factors. The nature of warfare refers to; the duration of a war, the intensity, the experience of those involved and the arrangement and structure of both the forces and war itself. One of the notable developments during this period was the transformation of technology and the role it played in war. However, one must question whether it was the role of technology alone that changed warfare or if other factors were equally influential, these include; economic power, strategies and tactics, leadership, organisation and public attitudes.

Following the Industrial Revolution which acted as a catalyst for the mass production of new weaponry, the 19th century shows the first events in which the impact of technology effects the nature of warfare. In this period we see substantial progress for example the development from imprecise muskets that’s average reloading time stood at 30 seconds to magazine rifles’ that could fire every 4 seconds. The ground-breaking changes that took place determined the tactics in the Crimean war, Prussian war and American Civil war demonstrating a new way of fighting based on modern weapons, burring the old Napoleonic method of fighting. The introduction of rifled barrels which used grooves in the barrel to spin the bullet as it was fired increased both the range and accuracy greatly. Heavy artillery began to dominate the battlefield with not only the deployment of magazine rifles’ but the 1866 Chassepot rifle and other musket rifles with the use of newly designed Minie Bullets. The Minie Bullet became renown in the Crimean War and later the American Civil War and was responsible for a high number of casualties...

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...military aid to European countries, contributing thousands of jeeps, trucks, food and other transport facilities, with 95% of Russia’s trains being American made . The aid to the Soviets was vastly important as it supplied them with the resources they needed to make fast advances specifically when perusing the Germans in 1943 and 1944, whereby 32% of the Soviets army trucks used were Studebakers and Dodges , provided directly from America. Helping Britain survive the war was arguably the most important contribution from the United States, without American Aid, the idea of Britain collapsing or becoming vassal of Germany would be entirely conceivable. This reveals how crucial economic power can be, as without economic strength or support countries cannot afford military equipment and therefore will prove to be weaker in battle thus having a ripple-effect throughout.

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