Essay on Impact Of Technology On The Environment

Essay on Impact Of Technology On The Environment

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Visions of Tomorrow
A large area that the twentieth century writers thought would be negatively affected by the advancement of technology is the impact on the environment. One author believes that it is our obsession with power that causes our careless destruction of the world on which we live. We exploit the environment to gain money, which we have determined to mean power. Our greed will lead to the destruction of the planet on which we rely so very deeply to live.
Another author says that the use of technology to automate work will not give us more leisure time, but actually destroy the leisure activities. The push towards technological automation would destroy the local woods, lakes, and other nature where we enjoy to spend our leisure because it would have to be replaced with factories, natural resource mines, and large fields of asphalt and concrete for highways and parking lots. We would also lose our leisure during our push towards this level of technology because we would have to work harder than we currently are to achieve it. People don’t meet up for fun, leisurely activities like knitting club or a book club because they are too busy working in the hopes that one day they would be able to relax. Technology has implanted an idea of being able to live in a world of total luxury and leisure, when in reality, attempting to achieve it takes some of the leisure and luxury out of our lives.
Rachel Carson brings up the concern for the amount of chemicals that are being introduced to the environment due to the advancement of technology and science. As technology advances, hundreds of new chemicals are created for a variety of purposes like killing pests off of crops. These chemicals are synthesized in a lab and h...

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...on’t have a full understanding of the scope of the technology and that can only lead to bad things.
As technology advances, the room for error becomes smaller and smaller and the consequences for error become bigger and bigger. For example, the space program involved very new and very advances technology where one very small mistake would lead to death. The space race forced timelines onto these technologies, so proper testing to create a fuller understanding of the technology and the precision of the technology had to be limited, making the dangerous even more dangerous. The tiniest failure would mean total failure. For example, it is believed that the Challenger blew up upon reentry due to a malfunctioning O-ring. Such a small mistake is known as a glitch and as technology advances, the potential for glitches increase along with the consequences of glitches.

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