The Impact Of Technology On Physical Education Essay

The Impact Of Technology On Physical Education Essay

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There are many ways technology is used in physical education in schools today. Technology in PE is any thing that helps teachers improve the environment and class room activity 's for students and get them to be more physically active in and out side of the class room. There are many different ways technology is used, and it is a positive way to engage students in their physical education class. In my eyes technology in physical education is a very effective way to improve students physical fitness in and outside of the classroom.
There are many ways that technology can help provide our PE teachers with positive teaching strategies in order to improve the quality of their classes. One way technology improves a physical education classroom is that it provides a much more efficient environment. It would be much easier for a PE teacher to get students attention by using a video or recording for example instead of attempting to explain an activity themselves. By doing this, the class will be able to move along much more smoothly and the teacher will be able to accomplish more than they would be able to by attempting to get through to the students themselves. Another way is that it would get more kids to participate in class rather than them just sitting on the bleachers or not being involved. As soon as the students would realize that the activity involves some sort of technology they will immediately be much more engaged and want to participate. This leads me to my next reason as to why technology is necessary in physical education. The students would feel as if they were not in school if they were using technology such as Dance Dance Revolution, the Wii, or other active video game types. They would be having more fun than just thr...

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... in my eyes to come to the conclusion that technology can have a positive impact in a PE class. The objective of a physical education class whether it’s elementary, middle, or high school is to get every person involved in class and to improve their physical fitness. So if a physical educator can use technology in order to get not just the jocks involved but the people who are not into sports or physical activities, they are doing their job well.
Over the years technology has become a major part of our physical education industry. Not only has it improved physical education classes, but it has been able to get more students involved in class and to improve all of their physical fitness. If our technology continues to improve at the rate it is, then I can come to the conclusion that the physical fitness of our younger generations will improve with it.

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