Essay on Impact Of Technology On Modern Society

Essay on Impact Of Technology On Modern Society

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From the ancient times civilization kept evaluating, by discovering and exploring something new and, as a result, facing new hazards. Within the last few decades traditional society has moved to modern one. Within that period, huge progress towards modernity has been made and lots of innovations have been introduced to society, what have resulted in new dangers and risks. Nowadays, accurate calculation and consideration of risk-acceptance, risk-assessment and control cannot be fully complete because at any time there are unpredicted and undesired aspects of risk environments. It can be seen more clearly at the level of global dangers, such as chemical, nuclear, technological, ecological, industrial and genetic engineering hazards, which cannot be limited by any time or territory boundaries, insured against or compensated for, and are not calculable in accordance with the stated terms of causation, blame and liability (Beck 1994, 1999). On the assumption of mentioned facts, the German sociologist, Ulrich Beck (1996), describes such a position as ‘world risk society’. Ulrich has pointed out that nowadays society is bound up with the life on the edge of global electronic economy, scientific progress and high technological modernisation, but at the same time no one completely realises the potential global dangers and hazards the society may face. Therefore, the society recently became much more interested and responsive to the types of risks which affect relations with them, with others and with the larger cultural group. Beck has analysed how risk society has been changing social reproduction, intimate relationships, ecology and nature, politics and democracy. The essay discusses Beck’s theory and its analysis of reflexivity and its ...

... middle of paper ..., individuals are more and more judged as agents building private responsibility and personal security through personal risk-assessing of global dangers, information gathering and risk-management experiences. One the one hand this is what was called individualization of risk by Beck, on the other hand, relations between development of worldwide poverty and financial inequalities, individualized and privatized risks are more systematic and sophisticated than Beck describes in his theory.
Beck’s created vision regarding perfect equal opportunities and social evolution, based on arguments concerning relation between new sub-politics and modern levels of reflexivity is not investigated deeply enough. According to Braun (1991) and Lemert (1997), the recent research analysing the income, gave the result that income inequality within society increases. Moreover, the class

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