Essay Impact Of Technology On Health Care Industry

Essay Impact Of Technology On Health Care Industry

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Health Care industry is becoming more critical nowadays, as the decline of the population in Australia is steadily increasing through out these years. And the need for health innovation is going to be the prime factor that will assist Australia in tackling the ageing population. Innovation of technology also will be another primary element that will support the innovation phase of Healthcare industry in Australia. The use of technologies is really in high demand nowadays, as the young and middle generation are starting to implement it into their daily life. To support the industry, Australia will be relying on the development of the technology, as this will bring many benefits to tackling the issue generated by the ageing population. Therefore, the objective of this report Is to analyse and research of how innovation and transformation will be affecting health care industry in Australia in 2030. This report will contain further explanations of any elements that will be impacting the industry, and will conclude a portray as the conclusion of this case at the end of the report.

The Impact of Electronic Medical or Health Record (EHR or EMR)

Electronic Medical Record is a computerized health information system where providers record detailed encounter information such as patient demographics, encounter summaries, medical history, allergies, intolerances, and lab test histories (Ludwick & Doucette 2008). The use of electronic health record has become quite more popular nowadays, encouraged many hospitals to start adopting the innovation in the past decade. Hospitals were more likely to report having an electronic-records system if they were larger institutions, major teaching hospitals, part of a larger hospital system, or located ...

... middle of paper ...

...t secure limitation to prevent the data being accessed by someone else outside the institution.

• High Start-up cost, also becoming another important issue for the provider. Not all of the medical center has enough funds to implement the innovation. This event creating a significant gap between another medical center as only big institutions will be able to implement it. But the-the advance development, implementation of EHR and the cost will not be a big issue anymore.
• Medical records synchronization, this issue, is created when the patient is being treated in the different facilities, as the uploaded date will not always be stored in the central system on time. This issue creating a problem where the health provider couldn’t access the updated information from the patient in commencing the medical check up.
• Lack of finding qualified staff to operate the EHR.

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