The Impact Of Technological Advancement On The Industrial Revolution Essay

The Impact Of Technological Advancement On The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Throughout history technology has been one of the most defining aspects of any time period. Technological advancement is often utilized to increase the human condition making life easier and increasing a societies chance of survival however what follows is not only a technological advancement, but also a change in the way societies interact and behave. Weather it be the creation of science during the age of reason, the advancement in communication and transportation in the industrial revolution, or the discovery of farming in the Neolithic revolution, each advancement in technology has led to a significant change in the political and social standards of society. Throughout history advancement in technology has marked a progression in society.
One of the earliest advancements in technology came with the rise of farming during the agricultural revolution or Neolithic revolution. This saw a shift from the traditional hunter and gather lifestyle to a much less mobile society. This was mainly caused by the creation of permanent settlements. With the rise of permanent settlements societies as a whole would greatly change. First, with the rise of settlements and farming meant that people didn’t have to move around and could form big communities while stile being able to stay in the same place. This led to a population boom, which then had a significant affect on the creation of villages and even small cities. This then caused the first creation of laws and government, this would be pivotal in changing society as people now were ruled by a central authority such as a kings or queen who would dictate how people acted. One of the first examples of early civilizations with this type of central power was the kingdom of Mesopotamia, which s...

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... media, social media has made it easier for people to share their opinion meet others and interact in a much faster and convert way. For example the rise in social media has caused a big change in the way people meet others, as talking in person is no longer necessary. In conclusion, in the just a few decades the way people interact with the outside world and others has greatly been changed with the rise of the Internet.
Throughout the thousands of years that human civilization technological advancement has had a profound impact on society. Whether it be with the cultivation of farming which led to cities and law or the Internet, which has made communication much easier technology, almost always leads to an affect on society. Therefore in conclusion technological advancement is a pivotal in deciding how society changes and what societal standards will become common.

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