Impact of Tech on Developmental Aspects of Society Essay examples

Impact of Tech on Developmental Aspects of Society Essay examples

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The topic I have chosen to write about is one that has been my theme throughout the past four years in school. It has been something that has come to light so to speak, since I have been acquiring my education and enlightening my senses of the world around me. I have chosen to look at the topic of how technology has impacted some developmental aspects of society. Specifically I would like to look at a meta-analysis on how a responsible society perceives its position is within the development of each evolutionary leap of technology in the past ten years. The subject interests me because I have chosen a career in technology through the past 10 years and I have chosen to go to school in relation to technology. I love technology and the advances we as a society are boundlessly enjoying however, I do stop to wonder what effect technology is having on people around me. I notice people in public no longer look each other in the eye or engage in conversation with each other. Everyone seems glued to their devices and phones. So, I am curious as to why and how.
My daughter sleeps with her leap pad so she can read princess stories before she goes to sleep. I'm still excited by technology but I believe I'm here to make the case that technology has a double edged sword effect. It will take us places that we might not want to go in the future and over the past 15 years you can look at technologies of mobile communication and see that our little devices in our pockets are so psychologically powerful that they change what we do as well as how we act toward one another. We have exchanged just a few things to what we do now as opposed to a few years ago. For example people text or email during corporate board meetings, we text and shop,...

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