The Impact Of Team Sports On Youth Essay

The Impact Of Team Sports On Youth Essay

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“The Impact of Team Sports on Youth”
Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about competitiveness and sports in today’s society. There are now people saying that everyone is a winner, and that there are no losers. While others believe that this competitiveness in sports is great for a kid. The parents who do not believe that sports are good these days for their children are saying that there is too much pressure to perform well, their child may get an injury due to overuse, the financial burden it puts on them as a family, and that coaches nowadays aren’t promoting fun as much (Merkel Table 3). On the other side of the argument parents and experts are saying that sports teach kids to exercise and eat right, they cut down on obesity rates, sports help with positive attitudes in teens as well as a decrease in depression and suicide rates, and that sports improve overall academic success and goal setting. Sports in today’s youth is a heated topic with arguments to support both the pros and cons, yet it seems that the pros out-weigh the cons.
Sports have received a lot of backlash lately due to pushing kids too hard Sports Medicine, written by Merkel, “Parents, in addition to coaches, can create high levels of stress and anxiety for the young athlete. A parent can inadvertently set a child up for failure by establishing unrealistic goals for performance and winning.” So a lot of the pressure of winning comes from parents. Parents and coaches need to learn how to teach kids as well as putting emphasis on fun. Most parents and coaches do not even receive the proper training, and when they do, only about five percent of kids said they would not play that sport again (Aspen Institute 3). Also one in five coaches r...

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...fidence and self-worth. Some other psychological benefits of sports are decreases in suicide thoughts, depression, and high risk behaviors.
In sum, it would seem that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to the effect sports have on the youth. Children get the experience of playing with other kids their own age and possibly making life-long friends. They also learn how to eat right and train correctly, and if they follow the guidelines correctly, then it will cut down the risks of getting injured as well. Another benefit to team sports is that kids learn basic skills in life as in goal setting and time management. Overall, sports help a child more than hurt them, and yes there are some negative aspects to youth playing sports, but isn’t there a bad side to everything. Sports in general help a child grow into a more mature, intelligent, and engaging citizen.

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