Essay on The Impact Of Suicide On Adolescents And Young Adults

Essay on The Impact Of Suicide On Adolescents And Young Adults

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Sociology 2300 Applied Inquiry Assignment Part 1

Suicide is a major leading cause of death in adolescents and young adults. Males, on average, are more likely to commit suicide than females and married people are the least likely to commit suicide. For this assignment, I chose the topic of suicide. Suicide is a broad topic and I decided to pick this issue because of how well known it is. Many individuals avoid talking about suicide because society has built up a stigma around it making it difficult to discuss and to support those struggling who reach out for help in an attempt find an answer, one which doesn’t end up being one to take their own life. Suicide is a social issue, which opens up a large discussion. Is it right? Is it selfish? What can we do to help/ prevent it? Is it our problem or societies? The questions are endless, but I want to find out more about this topic and hopefully answer some of the infinite questions there are about suicide.

Suicide is a topic of sociological interest because as Emile Durkheim would say, suicide is a social act. Suicide is an individual act, but everything surrounding suicide such as the influences and factors are social. It is also social because it has to do with society; the stigmas, the way we respond and who it affects. Suicide is related to social factors that include but are not limited to; age, race and ethnicity, class and sexuality. Society plays a role in suicide and there is an explanation for suicide through society. Everything surrounding the topic of suicide is social, such as the reasons someone decides to do it. Social factors such as bullying, leads us into delving deeper into the topic. Why is bullying still continued when it is known to cause individuals to attempt...

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..., but many are ongoing and hard to deal with. Major life events such as getting laid off or being constantly discriminated can be reasons for suicide. The reasons never end and are different for each individual

The questions are sociological because they deal with the connection to society and the environment of the individual. I have included some non-sociological questions that deal more with the individual itself, such as psychological reasons. These questions relate suicide to society and social factors. They related to one another in that they are all linked with suicide, whether they are a factor or not. They all link back to my main topic.

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