Essay on The Impact Of Student Composition On Academic Achievement

Essay on The Impact Of Student Composition On Academic Achievement

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The existence of segregation is a cultural and moral issue that has played a crucial role in the decisions made by Texas legislature. Russell W. Ruberger and Gregory J. Palardy, authors of Does Segregation Still Matter? The Impact of Student Composition on Academic Achievement in High School, found that school segregation in America has caused an injustice to students in the public education system because of a lack of equal and fair opportunity based on information from an extensive study, the Coleman report, which was published 12 years ago preceding
is an extensive and thorough study and research on the Coleman report, resulted in inequality of equal opportunity for all children in education.
In 1954, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled segregation of schools was unconstitutional in the case Brown vs. Education, 1954. Since then, the school system has been court ordered and federal legislation has integrated the mainstreaming of all ethnicities to offer an equal educational opportunity. The article states that more than 70% of all Black and Hispanic students attended high poverty and minority schools because of economic segregation. Findings from studies reveal that students attending these low poverty schools do not receive the same equal learning opportunities that more prominent school children receive. They also lack high quality teachers, materials and resources. Additionally, the realization that parents of students who have more stability financially have parents who are educated enough to push their children to succeed, have enough knowledge to help their children at home with homework, and they also help their children plan for future success. The socioeconomic segregation within the schools has an impact on stude...

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... W. Rumberger is Professor of Education at UC Santa Barbara. He has been a faculty member at UCSB since 1987 and has published several journals and books. In addition, he serves on numerous committees. He served as Vice Provost at University of California from 2010 to 2012. Mr. Rumberger received a Ph.D. in Education and a M.A. in Economics from Stanford University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University ( Gregory J. Palardy’s research focuses on teacher and school effectiveness with an emphasis on understanding how educational practices and school contexts contribute to student outcomes and to inequality of educational opportunity. He has written and published peer-reviewed journals articles, technical reports, and book chapters. He has also written and been awarded fellowship grants and research grants.

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