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The Impact of Stanton's Speech Essays

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On July 19,1848, in front of 300 women and 40 men (Lewis), Elizabeth Cady Stanton delivered a speech on women’s rights; proclaiming “Among the many questions which have been brought before the public, there is none that more vitally effects the whole human family than that which is technically termed Woman’s rights” (par.3). In her speech Stanton accurately displays her distinctive ability to influence public opinion by appropriating ideas from the Bible, establishing her credibility, and invoking the emotional aspects of women’s suffrage in the era. However, she struggled when trying to appeal to the audience’s logic.
Prior to 1848, Stanton was exposed to the “legal barriers to women’s equality”, by her father, a lawyer (Stanton Biography). “While still a child she heard her father tell abused women that they had no legal alternative but to endure mistreatment by their husbands and fathers”(Stanton Biography). In later years when Stanton married her husband, Henry B. Stanton, she had the traditional words of “obey” removed from their wedding vows (Stanton Biography).When the topics to be covered at the convention were looked over, Stanton insisted that the motion for women’s right to vote remain in the speech; men threatened to boycott the convention and the other women were unsure if it would pass (Lewis). All of this set the solid foundation that today she is known as one of the most important figures in the early movement to gain rights for women in the United States (Stanton Biography).
In fact, Stanton played on her ability to relate with the women and the universal position that they shared. Stanton said “The right is ours. Have it, we must. Use it, we will.”(par.) In this quotation, Stanton emphasizes a sense of unity...

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