The Impact Of Stakeholder Loyalty On The Crescent School District 's Performance Results

The Impact Of Stakeholder Loyalty On The Crescent School District 's Performance Results

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During an interview with Dr. Clayton Mork, Superintendent/Principal, from the Crescent School District, the topics discussed included the impact of, assessment of, and improvement of stakeholder loyalty. Also discussed was how the district determines, monitors, and improves stakeholder satisfaction.
Impact of Stakeholder Loyalty
Dr. Mork shared the impact of stakeholder loyalty on the Crescent School District’s performance results in enrollment of students, positive relations, and a desire to help the students. When stakeholders have a feeling of loyalty, they will tend to speak highly of the district. The loyalty creates a sense of family on the small K-12 Crescent Campus. Teachers and students are very familiar with one another. This family atmosphere has developed into a Crescent brand.
As a result of stakeholder loyalty, positive relations amongst students, parents, staff and community members is frequently developed. Positive relationships allows teachers and parents to ask more from their students. A student is more willing to work for a teacher when there is a positive relationship. Parents will be able to encourage children to complete school work when their child has a positive connection with the school. This positive relationship results in a desire for staff and teachers to want to help students. Teachers and staff are less likely to help students that choose not to complete tasks assigned to them or students that have a negative attitude toward them.

Assessing Loyalty
According to details shared by Dr. Mork, Crescent School District assesses loyalty through monitoring enrollment. Due to Crescent School District being a small, rural district, having all possible students enrolled is imperative. Cres...

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.... Having many roles offers the opportunity for staff members to become overwhelmed and dissatisfied. Dr. Mork mentioned that staff support is imperative.
Use of Satisfaction Data
Over the past few years, Crescent School has made several changes due to stakeholder dissatisfaction. Some of these changes include high school advisory, activities/sports offered, and the graduation ceremony length. The administrative team heard from student and other stakeholders about concerns of the number of activities and sports offered. The team worked together to develop new clubs that students have requested. The time of day the club met was also altered to accommodate additional students participating in the club. Dr. Mork and the administrative team listen to suggestions as they come from stakeholders and do all that is available to implement the change, if deemed possible.

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