Essay on Impact Of Space Agencies On Modern Society

Essay on Impact Of Space Agencies On Modern Society

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Impacts of Space Agencies on Modern Society
At the beginning of the 20th century, two brothers created the first man made machine to be able to self-sustain flight. That happened on December 20th, 1903. Over 100 years later flight has become a norm in society and we now look onwards to bigger and better things, space. Currently, the most influential bodies are the space programs run by world powers across the globe. The space programs have affected the world’s economy, perspective, health, and maintaining a creative society.
Space agencies can be traced back to the Nazi Regime of the 1940’s when they developed what is known as the V-2 rocket. This rocket is capable of long range, guided attacks and was used against allied forces in WW2. The first testing of the rocket was on October 3rd, 1942 where the rocket travelled a total of 118 miles and was the first man made object to cross over the Kármán line (62 miles above sea level) and into space. While the original intent of the rocket was malicious, the technology would find its place in space travel as a form of propulsion. The Nazi’s were unable to do much more with their rocket because of the Allied force’s successful overtake of European land which lead to the downfall of Hitler and his army.
After World War II was over a war of political ideas arose between the two dominant superpowers, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States of America (USA). The Soviet Union had been a communist state since their revolution in 1917 and the United states had remained a democratic nation since their revolution in 1776. The ideologies had never conflicted until the 1950s. The war was known as the Cold War and was made viable because of the previous war fought t...

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...on that did not require to leave their territory to be a powerful nation. Unfortunately for them, they stopped exploring at one of the most critical periods of exploration in history The empire began to fall behind when the rest of the world created diverse economic connections and discovered new lands through exploration that generated enormous amounts of wealth. The rest of the world began to leave the Ming Dynasty in their dust. The space programs did the exact opposite. They explored the solar system for signs of life and anything else that can be of benefit to humankind. This age of space exploration will be vital to the success of the greatest nations of the world. The most powerful nations are the ones who are able to benefit the most from the age of space. Neil Armstrong can be compared as the new Christopher Columbus in the most influential eras of history.

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