Impact Of Social Media On The Political Debate Essay

Impact Of Social Media On The Political Debate Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to develop a further understanding of the impacts of social media in regards to the political debate. By looking at the topic of social media and the use rhetoric in response to politics in the 21st century, a deeper understanding of the issue can be established. Social media has become a primary source for the discussion of politics by the average citizen; whether through the sharing of articles, “memes”, advertisements or personal expository statements. As a result, large sums of information and ideas are spread rapidly to a wide variety of subjects. However, much of this information may not be accurate and could be misinterpreted. Consequently potentially misinformed citizens may not be able to make a properly informed voting decision. While many factors may contribute to the misguided decision, the use of language and rhetoric on social media appears to be a principal influence on the public. In order to accurately interpret the extent to which rhetoric influences the public decision, an understanding of the type of language and persuasive techniques must be established, as well as why politics are discussed in such a way. Furthermore, we must also interpret how politics are discussed on social media and how rhetoric is used to persuade and influence the public. By investigating these aspects regarding the use of rhetoric on social media we can develop an idea as to how they influence the political debate and the publics voting decision. Quite commonly it appears that rhetoric on social media is often simplistic, uninformative and opinionative, as result it tends to misinform the public.
Many articles regarding the use of social media as a technique for political discourse, address the increase i...

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...d faster than before (Harris and Harrigan 272). By relating the above topics we can begin to identify the influence social networks have on the political debate. Immense amounts of ideas are shared and discussed every minute, but the use of language and discourse on social networks tends to limit the expansion of knowledge related to a Party’s platform. While an enormous amount of ideas are shared, the ineffective ability to precisely represent an idea leads to a misinformed public, as well as a misinterpretation of the ideas. Through this discussion I hope to gather relevant information and sources that can confidently support this statement. Although research on the specific topic appears to be limited, by combining and analyzing research related to the issue, I intend to conclude and represent the inadequate use of rhetoric in regards to politics, on social media.

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