The Impact Of Social Media On Modern Society Essay

The Impact Of Social Media On Modern Society Essay

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With the advance of technology in our modern society, an online presence is almost essential. Just by the end of 2008, 78 percent of adults spent time online daily. (De Choudhury) That percentage continues to climb over the years. An essential part of having an online presence includes social media. This is a tool that the majority of the population uses that may present dangers that are unknown to the population. Social media is an online platform that allows people to interact in an internet environment, which consists of sharing ideas, information, content, etc. The proper definition of it is the electronic communication between people and social networking online. As technology continues every day to advance the result is that the social media use continues to gain popularity. There are many forms of it and people are constantly surrounded by it and involved in it each day, and for many hours of the day. It is available on all sorts of devices and sits in the pockets and at the fingertips of users. Websites, forums, and apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more are all considered a form of social media which millions of people use daily, so users can pick their poison that will take its toll on their health. Some people and scientists claim that due to this prevalence of social media in this society it is affecting users’ mental health. Yet there is opposition on how it affects mental health and how. Why does social media have these effects on our mental health? How long do they last and effect our lives? It really questions the permanence of social media’s impact on humans within the this society.
Although social media provides many benefits to the users and producers of it in current culture, users must be we...

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... of a relationship, but people are even more likely when they can more easily control how these relationships are perceived and handled in their lives through the settings and controls on the social networking site. Gilbert and Karahalios studied tie strength and those relations on social media, and found that the controls and settings that social networking sites include determine not only whether the site is more likely to be used but how. Gilbert and Karahalios also found that the tie strength on social media is a false display of relationships in real life. (p. 219) Weak ties are perceived as strong and vice versa which can become an issue when relationships must be fostered in real life. Internet relationships are less valued than actual relationships, but when strong internet relationships are given attention rather than real ones, the real life value is lost.

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