The Impact Of Social Media On Marketing Department Essay

The Impact Of Social Media On Marketing Department Essay

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Marketing departments find that the biggest challenges they face is how to market their products to a large audience. To successfully implement a marketing and advertising strategy for their organization the marketing department most look into all the tools and outlets in which will reach their target market. With the new popularity of social media and its global reach provides marketing departments with a powerful tool to reach its target market. To achieve penetration to the target market, marketing department must keep consistency but also differentiate their advertisement campaigns to accommodate their individual market segments (Cadotte & Bruce, 2003). When integrating social media into the marketing plan, marketing department should know the sites that their target market visits the most to achieve full market visibility.
Leading Edge Trends in Integrating Social Media
Social media must be an important part of Elite Technology marketing strategy. In the past decade consumers are now spending more of their time online. Social media is growing and it 's important for our marketing department to know how to integrate the different social media outlets into our advertising and public relations campaigns (Whaling, 2011). Social technologies will be at the heart of everyday life and business environment. Social media marketing will lead the shift from broad marketing to context based personalization of marketing messages (Kallas, 2012). Integrating social media into Elite Technology marketing and advertising campaigns is essential for increasing the company 's brands awareness in the marketplace for Mercedes, Workhorse and Traveler brand products.
Traditional marketing is a broad category that incorporates many for...

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...r company website to our profile bio, and using our brand name as hashtag in all our tweets (Prodromou, 2013).
For Elite Technology to successfully market our brands to our Workhorse and Traveler segment. The company must create a successful integrated marketing campaign to include a balance in traditional marketing plan and social media marketing. Because these social media platforms are being utilized more and more by consumers and businesses alike, this is a great tool for our company to use to reach all our target markets. Our company didn 't only do market research into finding out what our segment wants in our product, but also to find out where they go to get their information both on paper and online. We understand that traditional marketing and social media marketing are not exclusive, they must work together to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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