Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On Businesses

Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On Businesses

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A Use of Social Media in Businesses
The study of Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (2010) showed some interesting facts. The research has been implemented by surveying 2,100 companies in 2010. It might be a little old, but its results are much understandable and authentic. It revealed 75% of companies did not have an idea where their customers were talking about. And, approximately 30% of them just have been using social media without measuring its effectiveness. It could look like that companies were struggling how to utilize social media in businesses at that time. However, about 50% of companies have already recognized social media as their significant component of marketing strategy. In the survey, it also disclosed the usage of social media like what types of media companies use. Almost 90% of companies have used social networks while Twitter or other blogs were used by about half of companies. Moreover, it showed about 25% of companies were using two to four of social media as combinations. Overall, the study indicated that social media was not effectively used yet because some boards still could not see how important use of social media is.
In the aspects of marketing, this part discusses more about social media and companies’ communicating to their customers. According to Kotler and Keller (2012), social media for business is that sharing text, pictures, video information between customers and companies. They say that consumers’ using word of mouth talking about any products and services is very powerful, and companies today know that is valuable. Moreover, they mentioned three primary social media services that online communities, blogs and social networks have been used in businesses (Kotler and Keller, 2012). F...

... middle of paper ... or apprehension. In any case, it does not mean that there is a way to avoid using social media. It is obvious that using social media in businesses is not new strategy anymore, but it’s becoming mandatory. Social media is not everything for companies, but not taking this in their businesses gives them less chance of surviving. Therefore, companies may be still seeking the best way to use social media in their businesses. However, it could look like that companies are now using social media because their competitors are using them. At this circumstance, companies can finally take a competitive advantage and facilitate their businesses when they find out optimal usage of social media. In addition, technologies ultimately do not always wait for people, but they need to catch up with those. Overall, there is no doubt that social media makes marketing much efficient.

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