Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On Business

Essay on The Impact Of Social Media On Business

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Sometimes the best way to see if your business needs help with social media is to get your hands dirt with a social media evaluation. Although you might not be a social media expert...yet, you can still use these questions to see how to improve your presence.

1) See what social media channels your business is already on. Every business, even B2b, should have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are the most popular social networks and having a presence on these channels is necessary for your business 's reputation. I would recommend having a Google+ account purely for SEO purposes but don 't stress about posting content there consistently. There are a number of other social media networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. that could be beneficial for your business but only start if you can handle the upkeep!

2) Once you have all your presence accounted for, now it is time to evaluate how often your business is posting. Here at Likeable Local, we see that 5-6 posts a week on Facebook, 12 tweets a day and 5 LinkedIn posts a week is the ideal to be top of mind without b...

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