The Impact Of Social Marketing On Society And Its Most Relevant Implications

The Impact Of Social Marketing On Society And Its Most Relevant Implications

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Is it possible to achieve improved social change by facilitation and implementation of more effective solutions through social marketing? This paper aims at exploring and discussing the impact of social marketing on society and its most relevant implications seen in consistent behavioural changing or maintaining of the same behaviour through people orientated approach. Furthermore it provides an introduction to the concepts and examples in relation to social sustainability influenced by an efficient social marketing and whether adapting other techniques from other disciplines are necessary to achieve a successful outcome. Concurrently the use of OBAMA model providing social marketers with elementary structure and guidance for possible approach to social marketing will be examined and evaluated.Last but not least it will not only discuss a theoretical research but also a practical application in order to understand concepts used for designing marketing schemes.
Since this paper aims to serve as the overview for the analysis and discussion of the application of qualitative content of social marketing, the scope is rather narrow. Besides , due to the limited scope of this paper influenced by my own research in the area, the focus will mainly be on the structure of social marketing and its nature to tackle problems of the society and having potential capacity to achieve social good.
This paper may contribute to comprehension of social marketing capability which has a potential to lead towards improved behavioural change and social marketing perceived as an interaction among all parties involved within the scope of marketing.

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When talking about the concept of behavioural change targeted on...

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...ned and systematic process which develops certain activities for the purpose of changing or maintaining the behaviour of consumers in sustainable and cost effective way. This decision based process helps to answer some crucial questions considering the “OBAMA” behaviour model that every marketer should implement:

1. Onlookers – the target audience working with, the marketers need to have a comprehensive understanding of their audiences, their perception and perspective
2. Behaviour to achieve or influence – it must be unambiguous what exactly the marketers would like the audience to do
3. Approach and Attitude to achieve it – the proportion of advantages of the final consumer 's behaviour should always be higher than the proportion of costs or disadvantages
4. Monitoring the outcome
5. Adapting to the possible changes – aligning discrepancies with the core ideas.

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