Impact Of Social Location On Society Essay

Impact Of Social Location On Society Essay

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Henslin (2015) discusses social location when he states that social location is the groups that people belong in because their place or position in society. Things that contribute to someone’s social location are their income, job, education, gender, race, religion, location, culture and age.
I think a lot of the males in my family still think that women stay home and men go out to work, and still tease all the females about this. They don’t think that females will ever make a lot of money and males run the household. My older brother shows a lot of this thinking. He will hardly do anything around the house that deals with cleaning, cooking or washing clothes because he says that’s the women’s job. Sometimes he seems to be joking about it, but he still doesn’t do any cleaning or cooking. He has told me I’m not going to get anywhere and thinks I will never make as much money as him. My mother though always tells him “don’t be too sure about that”. He learned this from somewhere, and it is from our past. Henslin (2015) shows how sociologist C. Wright Mills also discusses t...

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