The Impact Of Slavery On American Education Essay

The Impact Of Slavery On American Education Essay

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Native Americans and African Americans lay in the bottom 50% of wealth in America. There is a racial wealth gap. Why? Because of racial inequality. According to distributive justice, equal work is guaranteed to bring equal outcome. But there is not equal opportunity, because of racial stigmas. The impact slavery has on this subject cannot be underestimated. Slavery denied African Americans freedom, kept them from receiving compensation for work, and did not provide a chance for improving the economic future of their families. And the outlawing of slavering in 1865 barely improved these matters. Native American tribes were forced from their rightful lands, and relocated in government assigned plots. Tribes have been somewhat compensated for this disparity, while African American slaves were never compensated.
Steps should be taken to ameliorate the disproportionate poverty of these two groups. But one step that should not be taken, and cannot be taken, is reparation. I will address this later in the paper. A step that should be taken is in strengthening American education. We start with the children. Low-income schools present a great threat to the future of low-income students, “The ramifications of such segregation are far more encompassing for African American children than they are for any other racial group, leading to higher school dropout rates, lower college attendance, high unemployment and lower earnings, and higher teenage pregnancy rates” (Shapiro 175) How will this cycle be stopped? Again, it begins with the children. Coates says that he “came to see the streets and the schools as arms of the same beast” (Coates 33). Coates would agree with reformation of education. There needs to be equal distribution to each school...

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...s” (Darity 336). How would these reparations be paid for? Darity suggests that “nonblacks could finance the transfer by paying additional taxes” (Darity 336). Hold up, Mr. Darity, are you suggesting that nonblacks who were not slave-owners (because slavery happened two-hundred years ago), are going to reach into their personal pockets and pay blacks, who were not slaves? I get it, if slavery happened within the past fifty years, I understand reparations for the victims. Make the slave-owners pay the reparations, I would be all for that. But this is just not the case. There is no way the government can afford reparation for African Americans. And I don’t think reparations are in order for African Americans.
Slavery was immoral. The wealth gap should be closed through education reform. Government reparation should be given to direct victims of genocide and slavery.

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