The Impact Of Single Sex Education On Girl 's Academic Performance Essay

The Impact Of Single Sex Education On Girl 's Academic Performance Essay

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In this paper, the author discussed the impact of single-sex education on girl’s academic performance in mathematics and German (native language) by using a natural experiment in a high school in Switzerland. As one of the fundamental issues of labor market, the persistent gender wage gap across the world has attracted attentions from scholars, among whom exists an argument that the wage gap could be partly driven by the difference in mathematical abilities and achievement between males and females. Under this assumption, many researchers devoted to explore the multiple factors behind this disparity, especially those related to social environment. This article, in line with these approaches, complement the studies on the inter-relationship between gender peer effect and female students’ mathematics achievement.
The article is logically organized, began with an introduction of the importance of the topic and a brief review of previous studies. Though it is fairly easy to identify the research question from the abstract, the purpose and the motivation of the study had been, more or less, masked by the mass information included in the introduction. Despite being well-intentioned by presenting the various preceding studies ranging from elementary school to post-secondary education, the authors, unfortunately, failed to clearly state the purpose of their research since they merged the literature review, the incentive and the advantages of their study into one part. With careful inspection of the texts, one can realize that the purpose of their study is to test the class gender effects in mathematics as well as in native language skills (in this case, German) and the novelty of their study was the use of a natural experiment to avoid t...

... middle of paper ...

...h an example would be the table showing the results concerned the effect on German grade since the author only used one sentence to summarize the contents of the whole table. Alternatively, the authors could replace it with the table of the specification test of the effect of ex-ante ability, which was jammed into the appendix currently, since they spent several paragraphs addressing this issue. Secondly, as discussed above, the organization within each part could be enhanced, especially if the authors would be willing to break some parts into small subsections such as the introduction.
To summarize, the article is strong in its intention to provide a better reading experience for the general public since the authors used less jargons and figures compare to other academic journals, whereas this well-intention, to some degree, declined the coherence of the article.

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