Impact of Setting and Instructional Context for Adolescents with Autism Essay

Impact of Setting and Instructional Context for Adolescents with Autism Essay

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Using the appropriate teaching strategies are essential in promoting a healthy learning environment; however, there are challenges with every instructor because every student have their own way of learning, especially with mainstreaming students with special needs. Since laws were passed like The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), there has been a standard of learning that each student have to master in order to graduate high school. Students with special needs are no longer overlooked or labeled as unteachable; moreover, school teachers are now accountable more than ever before if students are not passing federal standardized tests. Due to the No Child Left Behind Act, exceptional learners including students with autism must meet federal mandates for major subjects such as, writing, language arts, mathematics and science.
Students with Autism
In our history, there are have been many people with autism who have enhanced our lives with their innovations and possess high IQs such as Albert Einstein. Students who have autism have the ability to learn; however, the instructional strategy they need may differ from general education students. The question J. Kurth and A.M. Mastergeorge investigates in Impact of Setting and Instructional Context for Adolescents With Autism (2010) is, “Does autism students learn at the same rate as general education students?” Those who participated in the study were five special education teachers, nine general education teachers, fifteen adolescents with autism, and thirty adolescent peers of those students (Kurth and Mastergeorge, 2010, 37).
One could understand the plight of teachers when their profession are in jeopardy if they canno...

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...urth and Mastergeorge, 2010, 37).
As a result of the study, there were no significance difference between with either group, student with autism or general education students. Therefore, instruction strategies are imperative, however, participants including parents in the particular study had no incentive to participate. Yet their participation proves their eagerness to see if there are dynamic differences in how their special need children learn compared to general education students.

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