The Impact of Senior Leader Goal Development Essay

The Impact of Senior Leader Goal Development Essay

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Many organizations set annual performance goals to achieve strategic outcomes. The potential strategic impact is large when these annual performance goals are developed and managed by employees throughout an organization. However, if no concentrated focus exists, goal setting can simply become an uncoordinated exercise, failing in its intended outcome. This holds true for all employees, but particularly senior leaders. A major responsibility of senior leadership is to provide focus and direction to an organization. Focus allows clear definition for both senior leaders and employees, leading to achievement of long term organizational strategy. Absent focus, each senior leader sets their own goals without regard to the goals of the other senior leader team members. These goals require the resources of middle management and frontline employee for accomplishment. Without focus, middle managers find themselves in conflict with senior leaders, other middle managers and frontline staff. This conflict causes confusion, leading to a decrease in productivity, teamwork and morale. Andrew Grove indicates, “…the output of a manager is a result achieved by a group either under his supervision or under his influence…and always, it takes a team to win” (41). Therefore, the importance of having the senior leadership develop and implement their annual performance goals as a group will result in an increase in middle management and frontline employee productivity, teamwork, and morale.
In our health system, senior leadership attends an annual retreat to discuss strategic objectives for the upcoming fiscal year. During the retreat, the senior team only discusses system goals, not their own individual goals. According to Diane K...

... middle of paper ...

... an increase in productivity. They work as a team which leads to an increase in employee morale. Ultimately, the organization can achieve short and long term goals because senior leadership has set direction as outline by the CEO and Board of Directors. Therefore, singular system focus of the senior leadership goals produces the desired outcomes.

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