Impact of Retail Brands in High Street of the United Kingdom Essay

Impact of Retail Brands in High Street of the United Kingdom Essay

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Background of the problem
Retail brands flock the High Street in the United Kingdom that come from within the country and others are imported. Many brands from the American markets prevail in the High Streets due to the increased profit margin resulting from the trade. The American retail brands still increasingly move in despite the slowdown in the rate of customer spending in the country, for instance, in April 2011urban fitters in the United States indicated an increase in the number of stores in the United Kingdom High Streets. This resulted in an increased competition on the retail brands among these streets therefore calling for the companies and the businesses to improve the quality of their products to attract more customers. In addition, the employment opportunities in the United Kingdom increased, increased in the government revenue due to taxes, and increased customer satisfaction resulting from the many varieties of the products.
The advancement in technology and globalization enabled many organizations to open up retail shops in the High Streets as it had the potential of fetching more revenues. The research aims at investigating the impact the High Street retail brands create in the economy of the United Kingdom. The research methods put in place assist in the realization of the objectives after gathering the relevant information.
Statement of the problem

In the United Kingdom, High Streets refers to the well known areas where most business operations take place and shows an improvement on sales and as such retail brands had a good opportunity to trade high in the markets. The introduction of the retail brands in the High Streets lead to increased competition from other products since the b...

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