The Impact Of Renaissance On The Renaissance Era Essay

The Impact Of Renaissance On The Renaissance Era Essay

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Renaissance means rebirth, which came from a revival of interests in art and literature. Trumpets changed constantly to expand their sound and accessibility to play. During the Renaissance age, trumpets had the biggest change in the types of trumpets made, the uses for them, and their abilities.
There are five main types of trumpets made in the Renaissance era: natural trumpet, flat trumpet, S-shaped trumpet, tower trumpet, and the slide trumpet. Trumpets, in the renaissance era did not have developed holes, crooks, or valves yet, which limited the notes available for play. The natural trumpet was the beginning of the trumpet history in the Renaissance. It could only play notes of the harmonic series, which were sharp or major keys. To change pitches, you would have to change out parts of the trumpet. Next, a new type of trumpet was made that could play in flat or minor keys called a flat trumpet. This extended the range of notes available to play. The S-shaped trumpet was longer than the other trumpets because of additional tubing. This trumpet folded upon itself forming an “S-shape”. It had a long “throat” which held the mouthpiece. To play this trumpet, the player had to hold the mouthpiece in one hand and with his other hand move the trumpet back and forth to create a form of vibrato. This trumpet lowered the series of available notes by one or more semi-tones. The tower trumpet was next, and it was used to sound alarms, call certain times of the day, and for celebrations. Even though the tower trumpet had minimal notes available, it was mainly used for chorales, which typically only had four notes. Last but not least, the slide trumpet. It had a slide and a telescoping mouthpiece. It was too heavy to play with fast pieces, so...

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...ppen. To eliminate opponents, they would try to break their rival’s teeth. This would prevent them from being able to play. The increased range of the trumpet’s notes was grand, but the augmented competition caused issues.
The trumpet had its biggest improvements during the Renaissance era in the types of trumpets made, the uses for them, and their abilities. There were five main trumpet designs: the natural trumpet, flat trumpet, S-shaped trumpet, tower trumpet, and the slide trumpet. It had an increase in usage varying from military signals and calls to playing at ceremonies and in musical groups. The capability to play more notes improved from a couple notes to a full melodic sound. The trumpet was deemed an art music, and it intensified competition among the noble trumpet players. The Renaissance era related to music expanded vastly with the help of the trumpet.

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