The Impact of Renaissance on the Present Essay

The Impact of Renaissance on the Present Essay

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Beginning with prehistoric man, the growth and evolvement of various civilizations and the events which occurred, in one manner or another, aided in shaping the modern world that we live in today. Some of the more influential elements of everyday modern life are the result of cultural and societal changing events, which transpired throughout the years 1350-1600. During the period known today as the “Renaissance” (1350-1600), the world of art, the boundaries of marriage, and secular viewpoints were forever revolutionized, through the development and spread of “Renaissance Humanism”, which today, still affects modern day life. (Knox 1999)
The Renaissance (1350-1600), named from the French word meaning “rebirth”, began in Florence Italy, spreading through Europe, and eventually encompassing the western world. Some historians believe that a small group of artists in Florence, Italy initiated the movement after reading author, Giovanni Boccaccio’s (1313-1375), book, “Decameron”, which depicted the relationships between houseguest during the onslaught of Black Plaque. Giovanni’s (1313-1375) characters portrayed in the stories, were natural, and true to real life demonstrating heartfelt human emotions, forming a connection with the readerartists to desire a more natural and alternative lifestyle for themselves. However, the Renaissance (1350-1600), also known as the time of “Enlightenment”, is also thought to be the result of a society that, after centuries of living in a repressed and controlling environment, fraught with war, famine, disease and inferior living conditions were hungry for a happier more fulfilling existence. (Osmond 1998)
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...ovember 21, 2013)

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