Essay on The Impact of Religious Educational Schools on Child Development

Essay on The Impact of Religious Educational Schools on Child Development

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There are many factors and perspectives that shape the minds of people; children in particular are very impressionable; taken this fact it is very possible that different types of education may have an effect on child development. Specifically, the case of religious education is a perspective that many adolescents are being introduced to. More parents than ever before are choosing to put their children in private schools, children’s churches, and church services in general. With the impact of religious education and change in curriculum young minds are being shaped in a different fashion, one that could change a generation.
George Washington a founding father of the nation stated “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable support.” (4 Fagan, Patrick) This was quoted over 200 years ago and still today parents are choosing to incorporate religion not just politically but educationally. Religious education goes back thousands of years and is a rising choice of parents today. The history of Christian education in schools in America dates back to the 1700s. (3 McCalman, Allison) Like in the 1700s parents today want to incorporate morals and values along with intellect. Polls show that since 2008 the percentage of children enrolled in private schools has increased from 11% to 25%.(National Center for Education) Many parents are concerned not only whether the school is just a private school but what kind of ethos does that particular school have; ethos meaning the character or fundamental values. As society itself as a whole is encumbered with more crime and misgivings than ever, it gives parents a motivation to care not only about their child’s intelligence but also ...

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