The Impact Of Religion On Our Lives And How It Can Help Us Avoid Making Bad Decisions

The Impact Of Religion On Our Lives And How It Can Help Us Avoid Making Bad Decisions

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Being in English 122 class is fun at the same time it can be challenging. This semester our class had the opportunity to write an argument research paper which was one the hardest paper to write. That does not matter anyway, what matters the most was being able get the opportunity to argue and persuade someone on a topic that we are most interested in presenting to the readers. For this essay, my overall intention was first being a religious person myself, I wanted to see if religion played an important role in society especially incarceration and death related issues. While trying to persuade the readers why religion is fundamental in society. I believe I did a great job of executing my intention because I was able to present a clear idea on a topic that I was interested in. My hope for this essay was to inform people or readers why religion is important in our lives and how it can help us avoid making bad decisions. I believe I did meet my goal in terms of informing my readers about my topic. There are several ways that I exceed and fall short when writing this paper some of the things that worked for me was doing the work bank and the outline gave me a sense of developing my paper. Although I did fall short on the annotated biography it was time consuming. However, my main intention and motivation in writing this argument research essay was to give readers a sense of appreciation towards the importance of religion plays in our daily lives.
For this essay, I spent a lot of hours not just making question banks on a topic I was interested in, writing about. I was also reviewing some general sources and writing down some quotes and facts that was interesting to me. The question bank allowed me to narrow down my topic because...

... middle of paper ...

...more I reconsidered my position on my topic, and the depth of my ideas about it, the more I was able to concisely elaborate in order to say exactly what I wanted throughout the essay. Some things I would change in this process is the annotated bibliography I thought that was completely a waste of time and a distraction from our own main purpose of writing the argument paper. I would like to continue working on my writing process. I still feel the heavy stress of approaching deadlines because I do not yet have the skill to work on a piece over time.
Finally, this process of writing a paper over time has allowed me to gain valuable learning tools I was able to gather information and use the information to support my idea or argument. In terms of the effort that went behind this essay I would give myself an A but for the actual finished paper I would give myself a B.

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