Essay on The Impact Of Publishing And Its Impact On Society

Essay on The Impact Of Publishing And Its Impact On Society

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Publishing always have a significant impact on society in different era. The process of publishing can be broadly defined as the distribution of information to the publics. Publishing impacts different aspects of the society, such as education, politics, science, entertainment so as the cultural values. Different mode of publishing such as traditional books and EBooks have been introduced into classroom which help students to learn. Transformation of publishing methods on the one side, help facilitate progression of rate of literacy and education; on the other side, may lead to critical issues on information controlled by high position person nowadays. In this essay, there will be critical analysis Gutenberg evolution of printing and Wikipedia on how they affect educational and political aspect of society and compare these two publishing methods.
A German goldsmith Johaness Gutenberg invented printing press and publications in 1436 which marked the beginning of the Printing Revolution, a historical moment of information and learning. (McDonald, 1865) After his invention, movable type and block printing method allowed to produce more books and spread education and knowledge all around the globe to help many people. (Myke, 2013) As information and knowledge were produced as books, data can be keep as long as they can, so as the information. In that time, invention of printing eased more accessible and wide spread of information, people can learn and gain knowledge from reading books. In the past, people learn by orality which it people taught by speaking; in the mid 15th century until late 20th century, people learnt by reading. Therefore, it help to increase rate of literacy and educat...

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...ormation no matter in printing press or Wikipedia. Therefore, it is recommended do not put fully trust on one type of media, we should think deeply and look around another information with comparison. For the future publishing methods, it is suggested to be supervised by professional to maintain credibility of sources.
Printing press and Wikipedia both have contribution to alter on education and political aspects in the society. The printing press created an increase of quality and quantity of information being printed and distributed, as well as the availability of information. Wikipedia’s effects on education are ongoing and keep changing the society. Future publishing technologies will be web-based which made distribution of knowledge faster, easier and cheaper. Therefore, when publishing changes, so does the whole society.

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