The Impact Of Poverty On Children Within Our Community Essay

The Impact Of Poverty On Children Within Our Community Essay

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The purpose of this memo is to begin to develop a research project on the impact of poverty on children within our community. This memo will explore other resources and how poverty affect communities and children within the community. This memo will also explore how this research can contribute to reducing the poverty level and setting up our children for success.

The Problem to be researched
Poverty continues to be a significant social and economic problem in Springfield, MO. According to my recent research poverty creates immense societal problems that our community must address (Community Focus). This research aims to find factors that contribute to the community’s failure. Poverty levels is a major component that affect the outside resources that could potentially support Springfield as a whole.

Presentation of Research
It has been stated that Springfield surpassed St. Louis in becoming the top metro area for poverty. In my research I found two thing that I believe should become a focus in order to reduce the poverty level in our community. First we need to focus on the people and our location. Second, the effects poverty has on our children now and in their future. In order to address barriers that arise from individual life circumstance as well as our neighborhood...efforts must be both people based and place based (Donovan). Our efforts must be centered on people-based policies and programs that increase economic mobility and break intergenerational cycles of poverty… as well as policies to support healthy child development, academic success, and skills development (Donovan). As unrealistic as it may sound we set up a future for our children and our children are our future. We must promote responsibility—to emphasize th...

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...treatment, 33% reduction in the rate of out-of-home placements, and 35% reduction in the rate of hospitalizations or emergency room visits for child maltreatment injuries (Jackson). These problems are high in our location that suffer from poverty. I don’t think a parenting class with fix poverty but I do think it will reduce it. Our community doesn’t need government help or funding it needs to be educated and the resources need to make themselves recognized. I know the resources are out their but often communities don’t know about them this goes back to focusing on our location and our people.
With the research I have found I concluded that our community needs to focus on the people and our location. Second, the effects poverty impact our children now and in their future. In order to address barriers we must recognize and utilize what our community has to offer.

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