The Impact Of Pop Culture On American Culture Essay

The Impact Of Pop Culture On American Culture Essay

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A site of contestation is a figurative or literal place where there has been struggle or a challenge for control. Pop culture studies our attitude towards topics that are mainstream. Much of the time, we are in a context of conflicting ideas. For example, though we may remember the late 60s in the USA as the time of the hippies of Woodstock, the Civil Rights movement and feminism, President Nixon was elected by “the silent majority” – the good, hard-working, patriotic Americans. Here, the site of contestation was the presidential election, and thus figurative. Other sites of contestation are physical locations, such as the streets. For example, Martin Luther King Jr.’s march on Washington, DC in 1963 is an example of racial oppression being challenged. Sites of contestation are public because this is the condition necessary in order for change to be implemented and for popular opinion to be effected. Therefore, this is a key concept in popular culture as sites of contestation influence and transform popular attitudes and perspectives which make up popular culture and is central to the evolution of popular culture.
Hegemony signifies dominance or rule on society, and also connotes a form of injustice or aggression ( Popular culture is that that is dominant. However, in a context of globalization where cultures merge, and countercultures exist, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is mainstream. Indeed, hegemony is primordial to the study of pop culture, as it is by definition the study of what is dominant in culture, and also as it is opposed to elite or high culture. Popular culture dominates; however there is a culture separate from it that it exclusive to those who dominate. Hegemony is particularly important in...

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...k to minstrelsy and blackface and today, Eminem sports virtual blackface. A major time for the interaction of minorities and social revolution in the USA was the 60s. The New Left represented a spread of the Civil Rights movement. It included the second wave of feminism, inspired by the Civil Rights’ movement tactics, for example the use of the media. The American Indian Movement (AIM), the Chicano Movement, and the Gay Liberation movement took place during the same period. These minority groups together created an image of the 60s more central to our collective memory than the “Silent majority” that elected Nixon during the same period. Intersectionality is not only representative of a revolutionary time in popular culture in the USA, it central to popular culture in itself as minorities and the oppressed gain a voice powerful enough to change the dominant culture.

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