The Impact Of Organizational Culture On Employee Motivation And Performance

The Impact Of Organizational Culture On Employee Motivation And Performance

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According to Evans Sokro (2012) there is a strong relation between organisation culture, motivation and performance of employee. In Ghana there is an automobile company in which study was conducted to study the influence of organizational culture on employee’s motivation and their performance, moreover to also determine the relationship between employee’s motivation and performance. They found that organisational culture value and reorganisation of company was depending upon the motivation to the employee. Such environment of the organisation gives support for new comers and cutting down any negative behaviour of the current employee. However, some workers especially, temporary workers, do not believe to be associated with the company, hence adversely affecting motivation and performance of such employees is also low. The direct effect of such environment that employee work hard and not to leave the organisation. Better motivation of employees results in an efficient workforce and it eventually increases the overall efficiency of the organization.
It was also seen that good outcome was based on good level of employee motivation and organisational culture. The success of company can be decided on base of the level of the motivation given by corporate people or by managers. Higher the level of motivation higher the performance will be.
2.2 Leadership and Motivation:
The SHRM published in 2010 that about linking the leader to motivation factors. In this era it did not consider that how wealthy an organisation or a company is the main rule to getting good performance from motivation of employee. Organisation allows an employee to speak share and experience the good working area. These criteria grow knowledge, experience and expertise....

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...stems will be able to increase the satisfaction and motivation of the employees while attaining the intended goals of organization. Their case study shows that performance measurement and reward systems and regardless its complexity, can operate effectively and be accepted very well by the members of organization when the members exactly know the measurement process and the outcomes. The members also know the statistical data of the outcome therefore, they begin setting their own expectancy, know the probability, value the outcome, put effort, and finally obtain satisfaction. Thus, the case findings provide supports for previous researches, viz. Burney et al. (2009) and Chen and Fu (2011), also prove that expectancy theory does explain the phenomenon of high satisfaction perceived by the individuals who receive reward related to the output of performance measurement.

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