Essay about The Impact Of New Media On The Advertising Industry

Essay about The Impact Of New Media On The Advertising Industry

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The evolution and rise of new media has changed that way we live, and ultimately has impacted the advertising industry. New media is changing constantly, and has given consumers the platform to become gatekeepers of the media. The Internet has become a place of instant feedback, active participation, and this is due to the popularity of social networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The use of new media has given consumers the opportunity to be interactive and create their own content, and consumers can now choose what they want to distribute. New media has impacted advertising in such a way that the traditional methods of advertising are not as useful as they once were. Specifically, on the internet and other digital platforms, advertisers have to find ways to use new media methods to their advantage to gain the attention of the consumer.
New media has made consumers less passive and has ultimately transformed them into active creators of content on the Internet. Consumers are now a part of a culture where they can participate and interact in every way with new media. Essentially, new media has changed advertising from a top-down business model to an interactive medium that allows consumers to share that same power. Christina Spurgeon’s Advertising and New Media, discusses the relationship between advertising, new media and its consumers. She notes that new media has shifted mass media to “my media” Spurgeon explains that new media is evolving advertising and changing the ways advertising is placed on the internet and that advertisers are struggling to find their place online. She further states, “Advertising and commercial media industries are co-adapting in order to remain relevant to the consumers that are r...

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...viously understood the market. The techniques that have previously worked in advertising in the past have shifted due to the rise of new media, and consumers have changed their role in the market. Going forward, advertisers are going to have to become more creative in their ways of advertising and marketing to the consumer. However, new media can ultimately allow brands and advertisers to understand their consumers. Rather than forcing their brand messages online to consumers, advertisers can learn to engage their potential consumers, which can improve their overall experience. Overall, although new media has significantly impacted advertising, it has changed it for the better. Due to new media, consumers have changed advertising to better suit their needs, they are forcing advertisers to focus more on their experiences, which ultimately leads to higher involvement.

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