The Impact Of New And Emerging Creative Technologies On Society Essay

The Impact Of New And Emerging Creative Technologies On Society Essay

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This article will discuss the impact of new and emerging creative technologies on society covering some of the key moments and figures. It will cover the historical roots and emergence of digital technology and will cover how digital technology itself has shaped the world with regards to society and social communication.

In 1450 Johannes Gutenberg invented Europe’s first movable printing press. Printing was not new to the world both the Chinese and the Japanese had been printing since the 7th century and the Koreans had created a movable type printer in the early 15th century but Gutenberg’s was the first movable type printer to use an alphabet instead of ideograms (Briggs and Burke 2010). Before that time books throughout Europe were written and copied by hand with each single copy sometimes taking years to complete. Gutenberg’s printing press suddenly allowed uniform copies of books to be produced quickly and cheaply. As a result of this societies throughout Europe became more literate as books became affordable to ordinary people and not just reserved for the society’s elite. Over time European society became more educated through the printed word as people were able to share information and knowledge. People could study the work of others and even build on their ideas. Gutenberg’s method of printing remained in some variation the standard method of printing until the arrival of the offset printing method in the late 19th century (85 Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press 2012).

Printed books allowed for the free exchange of ideas among people and allowed for the practical application of knowledge. This led to many significant inventions throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1827 French inventor Joseph Nicép...

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... of digital technology the more it relinquishes its privacy in exchange for convenience (BBC Horizon 2014-2015 Episode 4: Inside the Dark Web 2014).

This report has discussed the impact of new and emerging creative technologies on society covering some of the key moments and figures. It will cover the historical roots and emergence of digital technology and will cover how digital technology itself has shaped the world with regards to society and social communication.
As technology evolves so does the way humanity interacts with it. So where does the future of this interaction lie? Russian Billionaire Dmitry Itskov runs the 2045 Initiative which is working towards the goal of being able to upload the human consciousness to a computer before 2050 in order to achieve immortality. Could that really be the future of digital technology? (How To Be A Billionaire 2013)

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